Material testing tailored to your needs!

In 2020 we opened our test house here at Con Mech Engineers. Our focus for our customers is to provide a one stop shop for all components that require testing after machining and heat treatment. This not only gives the customer more control with one point of contact but helps reduce costs and your environmental footprint.


We have 600KN and 30KN tensile machines, both have the capacity to work with a wide range of samples as machines are calibrated by UKAS accredited bodies.

Charpy Impact

Our testing machines cover a range of 300 joules and 406.7 joules. Testing is carried out on a range of +20 c
to – 196 c


All hardness requirements are covered here at Con Mech Engineers. We cover the following scales Brinell HBW10/3000, Rockwell HRC and HRB, Vickers Hv10
and Hv30


Metallography equipment allows us to provide sample cutting and preparation to a polished finish, chemical/ electrochemical etching, examination of microstructures with image analyses

Chemical Analysis

An Optical Emissions Spectrometer allows us to analyse low carbon, duplex and stainless steels.


UKAS accredited to ISO 17025

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