Services for Steel Stockholders

Helping steel stock holders increase stock flexibility, value and to access new market opportunities.

Con Mech Engineers provide specialist heat treatment services for steel stockholders enabling you to supply customers with heat treated material to specific requirements with supporting test certificates.  This will help you to:-

Improve stock turnover

Your stock is more flexible: Get it heat treated as required to satisfy customers that require harder or softer material for different applications.

Improve stock value

Material supplied in the heat treated condition commands a premium price with better margins.

Access new markets

The ability to supply heat treated steel will create new market opportunities in a wide range of sectors that demand steel with specific hardness properties including oil & gas, power generation, defence, transport and renewables.

Our technical experts will work closely with you to achieve optimum results based on the materials you supply, alternatively we’ll work to your specification and advise you how best to achieve the results you need. This could be softening or improving ductility of a material ready for further processing or delivering improved hardness, strength and toughness for specific applications. We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround whether it is a one off component or a high volume requirement.

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