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Welcome to Con Mech Engineers Knowledge Centre. We publish a range of technical guides and papers that will provide extremely useful advice and information about heat treatment techniques.  These are specifically aimed at specifiers and buyers of HT services;  engineers that may not be specialists in the technology but do need to understand the various processes, techniques, their benefits, limitations and applications.  Our list of papers is shown below, please click on any of the titles to read or download the paper.  You can also sign up to receive new papers as they are published at the link at the bottom of the page.

Overheating of AISI4140

Companies supplying AISI4140 components for hardening and tempering can experience mechanical test failures caused by the process routes prior to heat treatment. This article outlines how the problem arises, how to reclaim the steel and how to avoid the problem in the future. 

Which Heat Treatment is required?

This article provides a very useful overview of the various heat treatments, their applications, benefits and limitations.

Why material selection is important for heat treatment

Good mechanical properties after heat treatment are reliant on more than just the correct heat treatment process. The heat treater relies on the materials their supplier is suppling is of good composition and therefore will be of high hardenability. But If critical elements are under the required amount it is highly probable that the material will be difficult to heat treat to the desired mechanical requirements of the specification.

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